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The council is formed with the following office bearers:-
     i.  President- Dr. Nirmal Bhadra
     ii. Secretary- Dr. Manju Das
    iii. Asst Secretary & Treasurer:- Sri Subhash Debnath

Teachersí Council Sub-committees, 2019-2020

Sub-Committees  Name of members
1.Academic Committee


Sri Abhijit Bhattacharjee (Convener)

All HODs of Concerned Departments are members.


2.Cultural cum social entertainment Committee Dr Mousumi Pal. (Convenor)

Smt Mery Rupini.               (Member)

Smt.Paramita Dutta (Roy) (Member)

Sri Pulak Chakraborty        (Member)

Sri Krishnadhan Sarkar      (Member)

Associate NCC Officer (Ex-Officio)

Programming Officer, NSS (Ex-Officio)


3.Games and Sports Committee Sri Rathindra Debnath.  (Convenor)

Sri Pulak Chakraborty        (Member)

Sri Krishnadhan Sarkar      (Member)

Somprakash Das , Junior Physical Instructor, Co-opted member.


4.Disciplinary/Anti Ragging/Women Harassment Redressed Cell .  

Smt.Anita Majumder  (Convener)

Sri Abhijit Bhattacharjee(Member)

Smt Paramita Datta Roy (Member)

Associate NCC Officer. (Ex-Officio)

Program Officer,NSS (Ex-Officio).

5.Science forum/Eco club Committee  


Smt. Seuli Das (Bhowmik)   (Convener)


6.Library Development committee. Smt Sudipta Debbarma .(Convener)

Sri Krishnadhan Sarkar  (Member)

Sri Rathindra Debnath   (Member)

Sri Pulak Chakraborty        (Member)

All HOD/HOD(I/C)of concerned departments are the members.


7.Election to the studentsí union Council. Sri Prasanta Deb. (Officer-in-charge)

Sri Abhijit Bhattacharjee (Member)

Sri Rathindra Debnath (Member)

Smt Seuli Das.(Member)


8.Student Welfare Committee Smt.Paramita Dutta (Roy) (Convener)

Smt. Leela Debnath   (Member)

Sri Tapan Banik.  (Member)

All HOD/HOD(I/C)of concerned departments are the members.


10.Seminar Committee Smt Bina Rani Tripura. (Convener)

Smt Mery Rupini (Member)

Sri Subhash Debnath  (Member)


11.Examination Committee Dr Haradhan Saha (Convener)

Sri Abhijit Bhattacharjee (Member)

Sri Prasanta Deb  (Member)

Secretary,Teachers' Council (Ex-Officio)


12.College Website Maintenance and Developement Committee  

Smt. Seuli Das (Bhowmik)   (Convener)




Dr Manju Das (Convener)


NAAC Committee  

Sri Abhijit Bhattacharjee (Convenor)


RUSA Committee  Smt Seuli Das (Convenor)

 Smt Mery Rupini (Member).


Career Counselling Cell


Smt Seuli Das (Convenor).