NSS (National service Scheme)

The National Service Scheme (NSS) plays an important role for the students of the nation as it teaches them to be responsive to the call of the society whenever necessary.Keeping this in mind the college encourages students to join as NSS volunteers and to have an idea how to serve the nation.The college has a Red Ribbon Club which is working in collaboration with the NSS unit and Tripura State AIDS control Society.The aim of the Red Ribbon Club is to create awareness amongst the students about HIV-AIDS spreading and to prevent it from spreading.The college organised blood donation camps,cleanliness in the college and the surrounding village,NSS special week, NSS Day street drama to create awareness among the people about cleanliness as a part of the curriculum.The college also organised an AIDS Rally on 1st Dec 2017.


     Name of The NSS Program Coordinator:-  Smt Ivy Das (Assistant Professor)



    Various activities of the NSS unit of the college 2024:-




 Pledge on Road Safety 2024

   World Environment Day 2024


           NSS Special Camp 2024.

            World AIDS Day 2023 ,Photo2

        Photos of cloth distribution to the villagers of Horinakhola 2023.



      Photos of cloth distribution to the villagers 2023.


      Activities of NSS UNIT  2022- (Open PDF)


      Activities of NSS UNIT 2021 & 2022- (Open PDF)


      Activities of NSS UNIT 2020-21-( Open PDF)


       NSS Special Camp 2021







1. NSS Special Week 2019.




2. NSS Special Week 2018.

3. NSS Day 2018.

4. Collection of Kerala Relief Fund 2018:-



5.Blood Donation Camp

6. Street Drama 2018

7. Extension of help to the Cyclone affected area in Kamalghat 2018


8. NSS Special Week 2017

9. Creating awareness among the public about the importance of safe drinking water


10.Activity 0f the Red Ribbon Club