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Swami Vivekananda Mahavidyalaya, a government degree college, is located in the midst of natural beauty on the Agartala-Shimna Road in the Mohanpur Sub-division under the West Tripura district. It is only general degree college in the entire Mohanpur sub division with a population of approximately 1.5 lakhs. The college is just 17 K. Ms. away from the Radhanagar Bus Stand of the capital city, Agartala. The total area of the college campus is 24.4 acres of land.  At present, there are 370 students in the college.
As a part of celebration of 150 years Birth Anniversary of great Indian Philosopher, Swami Vivekananda, the Government of Tripura named the college after Swami Vivekkananda. The college was inaugurated on 4th August 2012 by the Chief Minister of the State, Sri Manik Sarkar. The college has three stories administrative block and another three stories academic block with a capacity to accommodate approximately 600 students.
The college is affiliated to Tripura (Central) University. It began its academic works with introduction of five general subjects-English, Bengali, Political Science, History and Education. As the college is only the higher educational institution offering general degrees in the entire Mohanpur sub-division, the government of Tripura had vision for gradual expansion of college with introduction of new more subjects of Arts, Science and Commerce Streams with honours. Honours courses were introduced in the subjects like History and Education during the academic year 2013-14. Science stream is introduced during the academic year 2014-2015 and due to growing demand of the students, honours courses are also  introduced in Political Science and Bengali during theacademic year 2014-15.
 The main source of strength of the college is that it is named after the great Indian philosopher, Swami Vivekananda. It is progressing under the inspiration and philosophical ideas of Swamiji. The Other sources of strength of the college are that (i) it is the only higher educational institution offering general degrees in the entire Mohanpur sub division, (ii) 80% of the students of the college belong to ST/SC/OBC categories, (iii) it has better road connectivity from the capital city, Agartala, (iii) it is nearer to the capital city, Agartala with just 17 K. Ms. away from it, (iv) it has huge 24.4 acres of land for making it full pledged degree college.

Aim of the Institution:-
4. (a) Improving employability of the graduates:
To achieve this objective, the general perception about the limited scope for employability graduating with a general subject must be changed. The institution provides proper counseling among the students and their guardians that graduation in any discipline with better/excellent result and dynamism in term of presentation have always wider scope for employability in both public and private service sectors.
(b) Increasing learning outcomes of the students:
Unless learning outcomes of the students are increased, there is always a limited scope for better employability. Therefore, to improve the learning outcomes among the students, students shall be introduced with computer fundamental and e-learning. They shall be taught with introduction of smart classes and shall be compulsorily asked to participate in debates, seminars and workshops with oral and paper presentation. The college has a well equipped computer lab that offers short term computer courses and spoken skills to improve their learning outcomes.
 (g) Enhancement of research and consultancy activities:
Many of the college faculties are engaged with research activities. They have participated with researched paper presentation to national and international seminars over the years. Each one of them has also many publications of their research works in reputed national and international journals and books to their credit.

1. Name of the College: Swami Vivekananda Mahavidyalaya
2 Address: Harinakhala, P.O. Fatikchara, Mohanpur, West Tripura
3 Name of the Principal-in-Charge: Dr. Nirmal Bhadra.
4 Phone No-0381-290-7200, Mobile No: 9862973971

List of different sections of college administration:
Name of sections:-
    i.  Establishment section.
    ii. Cash section.
    iii. Academic section.
    iv. Receive and despatch section.
    v. Stipend section.
    vi.Store Section.

Name of different courses:

     i. Bengali (pass)
     ii. English (pass & Hons)
     iii. Political Science (pass & Hons)
     iv. History (pass & Hons)
     v. Education (pass & Hons)


    i. Bio Science (Pass).

Distance Education:

     i. English
     ii. Political Science
     iii. History
     iv. Education

Other courses:
     i. NIELIT (BCC + CCC) Short Term Courses.

Enrolment of students in the academic year 2013-14:

Admission in 1st Year (2012-13)  Students in 2nd Year (admitted in 2013-14)  Students in 3rd Year (admitted in 2013-14)

 Grand Total

231  137  NIL  368

Enrolment of students of the academic year 2013-14 category wise:

  ST SC  Minorities  OBC  General Total
Boys  27+11=38 57+23=80  0+0=0 51+35=86 34+20=54 258
Girls 06+11=17 18+11=29  02+0=02 15+15=30 21+10=31  109
Total  55 109  02  116   85  367

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